Department: Commercial / Finance  
Job Title: Commercial Development   
Location: South Africa 
Contract Type: Contracted  
Start Date: To be negotiated  
Reporting: Executive Board
Salary: Negotiable commission base 
Closing date: Monday, 30 November 2020  


CyclingSA is the national governing body of the sport of cycling in South Africa and is affiliated to the International Cycling Union (UCI), South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC). Though not limited to, it governs 5 disciplines, road cycling, mountain biking (MTB), track cycling, bicycle motocross (BMX), para-cycling, its national championships and teams. It has 9 provincial affiliates with 10 additional regional affiliations and makes provision for other associate members within the sport of cycling.

As an NPSO organisation, CyclingSA wants to build a strong, financially sustainable federation and a leading partner to stakeholders, inspiring a diverse nation from grassroot levels to ride bicycles, race and be a united community. 


This strategic plan of CyclingSA aims to grow the sport of cycling in South Africa by setting out a path for future higher development through a number of regional training centres. It intends to encourage thought leadership and innovation on all levels to unlock the future, not only through participation but also through digital transformation.

To ensure there is strategic alignment across all cycling disciplines, it takes into consideration government’s steering guidelines in terms of corporate and financial governance as well as the need to diversify. This alignment will provide clarity amongst our community and ensure there is a shared strategic direction, vision and focus across all our external stakeholders as it positions a stronger partnering avenue and aims to be inclusive of all role-players and optimising all available resources. 

Ultimately, the athletes are at the centre of this plan with world-class performance as a key target outcome. With the intention of adding value and giving recognition to all cycling stakeholders to effectively create an economy of scale, CyclingSA’s strategic plan provides a framework for a sustainable future with a strong focus on the youth of tomorrow.


CyclingSA seeks to partner with a specialist in the area of strategic marketing, sponsorship, and commercialization of its assets in sport on a commissionable basis. Services that will be required include: 

  • Alignment of strategic commercial plans in building the brand of cycling in South Africa. 

  • Sponsorship marketing strategies as associated with the assets/properties of CyclingSA. 

  • Negotiation and conclusion of agreements between CyclingSA and commercial partners. 

  • Further development of the marks of CyclingSA. 

  • Activations of marketing associated events. 

The consulting partner appointed shall also be required to serve as part of the management committee of CyclingSA working closely with the President, Finance Committee, Diversity Committee and its associated Commissions, Sport and Technical, as well as Brand and Communication team.

Companies or consultants with advanced experience in sponsorship marketing, rights packaging and sales in the sports industry can contact CyclingSA for more information and will be provided with a comprehensive brief and request for proposal. For more information contact 


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