The 2019 Dimension Data GAP Graduates decided to raise funds for us with a campaign called Walk for Qhubeka. As part of this campaign, Daniel Collett, Chris Lewis and a few colleagues decided to ride a Qhubeka bicycle to work in the morning, and then walk home, and see the difference in time it took.

It took just 19 minutes to cycle to work… and 67 minutes to walk home. “With the Qhubeka bikes it was an impressive 3.5 times faster,” says Chris.


Walking home Qhubeka

Photo Source: Qhubeka Newsletter

The wider Walk for Qhubeka campaign included a walkathon that asked people to put themselves into the shoes of those South Africans who have to walk wherever they need to go every day, and Jen Purchase of Dimension Data shares that more than 150 entrants participated, rode Qhubeka bicycles and sponsored graduates to walk. “Overall the event was said to be a huge success, thoroughly enjoyed by all and well executed,” she says. “The Dimension Data GAP Graduates are grateful for all the support and enthusiasm. Without the Dimension Data employees wanting to make a difference the fundraiser would not have been possible. Thank you for walking a mile in someone else’s shoes and helping others move forward with Walk for Qhubeka!”

The event has thus far raised funds for at least seven bicycles for Qhubeka programmes.

Qhubeka see the difference



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