Call for nominations for the position of President of Cycling SA

The Executive Committee of Cycling South Africa hereby calls for nominations from our members for the position of President of the Federation.

Note: This is an unpaid volunteer position.

All nominees are required to provide the following information for submission before an appointed panel for short listing.

  • Comprehensive Manifesto including your background and the reasons why you should be appointed, your strategic vision for the Federation, the key priorities that will be addressed during your term and your curriculum vitae.
  • Letter of support from your Provincial Cycling Structures and or region.

All short-listed candidates will be submitted to Exco for consideration with final presentations to Exco being held at a date and venue to be confirmed in April 2018.

Closing date for submission of the documentation above is 12:00 on 26 March 2018.

In order to guide nominees in the development of their manifestoes please refer to the points below which outline the roles and responsibilities of this position:


1.     The President shall lead the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee shall be vested generally with all such powers and authorities as are necessary to promote and obtain the objectives of Cycling SA as set out in Annexure “B” in the Constitution and shall adopt such procedures as are required or necessary in order to fulfil its obligations.

2.     The president shall chair the following meetings: Executive Committee, Management Committee, Council, General Meetings and Annual General Meetings.

3.     The president cannot also be a delegate chairing an affiliated body of Cycling SA. If a president is elected representing an affiliate, he/she will immediately resign from his/her position as chairperson of that affiliation to insure independence and representation of all affiliations of Cycling SA.

4.     The Core functions and Roles and Responsibilities of the President shall be:

4.1.   To lead the Board through the Strategic Intent and the Purpose of Cycling SA.

4.2.   To ensure that all long- and short-term strategies should be considered and approved by the Board or the Executive Committee, if so approved by the Board.

4.3.   To ensure that all long-term plans should result in sustainable outcomes. Sustainability planning is to eliminate and/or minimise adverse consequences for the company.

4.4.   To lead the Board of Cycling SA to act as the focal point for Corporate Governance.

4.5.   To lead the Board and Staff of Cycling SA to direct, govern and control Cycling SA through Ethical Conduct, Integrity and by cultivating and promoting an Ethical Corporate Culture.

4.6.   To provide Leadership, by giving guidance and providing implementation on the sustainability and growth of Cycling as a sport.

4.7.   To lead Cycling SA through the regulations provided by the UCI, Cycling SA, SASCOC, SRSA, and SAIDS and also ensure that the Policies and Regulations of Cycling SA are updated annually through the assistance of the Commissions.

4.8.   To lead the Board of Cycling SA to be a link between the Cyclists as stakeholders of Cycling SA.

4.9.   To lead the Board of Cycling SA to be responsible, accountable and to build Trust and Confidence in Cycling SA.

4.10. To oversee a succession and contingency plan for the Board.

4.11. To oversee the macro work plan of the Board.

4.12. To be the link between the management of Cycling SA and the Board.

4.13. To maintain arm-length relationships with Board members and staff.

4.14. To adopt a lead-role in removing and replacing non-performing directors.

4.15. To monitor new directors and meet on an individual basis with directors once every quarter.

4.16. To ensure that members of the Board have the requisite knowledge of their duties and responsibilities.

4.17. To maintain good relations with major shareholders and the media.

5.     Establish and maintain relationships with SRSA, SASCOC, UCI, CAC and SAIDS/WADA.

6.     The President of Cycling SA shall not chair any other commission of Cycling SA but may at any time be present at any meeting as a consultant.

7.     Though it is constitutionally possible, due the nature and the extent of providing direction and assistance to achieve the strategic intent of the federation to all the commissions and sub-committees of Cycling South Africa, the president should consider not representing any commission as a commissioner.

If you require any further information to aid you in the nomination process, please contact Gregory van Heerden on


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