Cycling SA welcomes new Treasurer

Cycling South Africa takes great pleasure in welcoming the new Financial Treasurer, Robert Booth.

Booth is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by qualification, has lived in Australia and London, and has had a connection with cycling most of his life. “I’ve always owned a bicycle. I used to commute to work when I lived in London. In Cape Town, we are so blessed with the routes that we can ride on. I’m just a normal, busy, middle-aged executive who gets involved in cycling when I can,” he said.

When chatting about his new appointment, Booth said: “As a keen cyclist, I’m enthusiastic about getting Cycling South Africa to fulfil their mandate of being a cycling organisation that represents the cyclists.

“Being a CA, I thought that rather than sitting on the side lines, I’m going to actually put my money where my mouth is and try to make a positive contribution.”

Booth acknowledged the importance of a Treasurer to any organisation, and with his experience of running an accounting practice, he will apply his knowledge and expertise to contribute positively towards the federation.

“There are a lot of people out there who have good contributions to make for the sport, but they aren’t involved directly, and it’s easier to criticise from the outside,” he said. “I’m keen to put my point of view forward and back it up as well.”

Booth said that when he gets involved in any task, he likes to make sure it gets done well.

When chatting about his major goal, Booth said: “My major aim would be to put Cycling SA onto a sound financial footing, to be able to put systems in place that so that we know what we’re spending and earning, and we can do all we can to benefit the sport and the athletes.”



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