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When we deal with other human beings we are always inclined to approach any dealings – whether they are personal relationships or business relationships – with certain expectations. This is simply unavoidable as we are all human.

Expectations not disclosed, understood or met are often the cause of relationships not succeeding. If we enter a relationship of any sort or nature and systematically disclose what we expect and also what we offer, the chances of that relationship becoming stronger and long lasting are immediately significantly improved.

Cycling South Africa has long served a large member base and provided many opportunities and services to its members. It acknowledges that with a lack of communication between management and clubs and their members, the ability to disclose and identify expectations becomes almost impossible.

The Board are ready to hear what Members have to say. The opportunity now exists to tell us how we can better serve our members.

There is an Athlete’s Commission in place, which has representation on the Executive Committee and provides opportunity for the concerns of the athletes to be voiced and heard.

The annual Council meeting provides a platform where the provinces and regions can attend and is the highest decision-making authority in Cycling South Africa. The next meeting takes place on 25 November 2017 (TBC).

We will be sending out a link to a survey to all registered and paid up members in the coming weeks and we encourage you to have your say. We need to remind you that we obviously remain a non-profit organisation so our ability to simply meet every need and expectation will be measured.

We commit to sharing the top 10 needs with Members once the survey has closed and whether or not and how we will plan to meet these expectations.

We currently offer the following services and benefits for members who are registered and paid up.

  • Europcar: Members will receive a 10% discount with their unique Cycling South Africa ID when hiring a vehicle in South Africa.
  • Hollard Insurance Company: Cycling SA has finalised a medical emergency evacuation or transport benefit with Hollard Insurance Company for the 2017 membership cycle. Each member will receive a death benefit of R25 000, and/or Emergency Medical Treatment at a Medical Treatment Facility and Emergency Traveling costs a benefit of up to R25 000 accident cover for any cycling related accident that occurs at a Cycling SA sanctioned cycling event. The injured cyclist MUST attend a medic on-site at the event where he/she is injured. This offer is only available to all Cycling SA members.
  • RoadCover/Road Accident Fund: ROADCOVER ensure that victims of motor vehicle accidents have immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims management system with NO costs to themselves. RoadCover removes the very difficult and complicated process that we face when processing a claim with the Road Accident Fund.
  • Guardian Assist, powered by Helivac: With rising medical services cost and the economy performing poorly over the past couple of years, most people are unable to save monthly for a rainy day or join a medical aid to assist during a medical emergency. Guardian Assist is not a medical aid; however, this is a medical policy that will be there in your time of need. The Guardian Assist provides you with complete peace-of-mind in the event of you suffering any accidental medical injury.

Detailed information pertaining to our membership benefits can be found on our website by visiting this link:

We encourage you to use these services and support our partners as the more throughput these partners experience the more benefits we trust will be made available.

We encourage you to use your club structures to communicate regularly with the cycling community. The local regional presidents and boards regularly attend meetings and can use these platforms to carry your ideas suggestions and concerns to the federation.

Our sincere hope and trust is to focus on building our Federation back to where the Members want it to be. Help us to do this by using the communication channels and elected officers in place to share your expectations and feedback so we can better serve you.


Miyanda Maseti

Road Miyanda Maseti Tiffany Keep is a road cyclist that will be representing South African at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Facebook Instagram Name: 

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Alan Hatherly

Road Ashleigh Moolman- Pasio Ashleigh is a professional Road Cyclist and two-time Olympian. Rocacorba Cycling | Accommodation and Bike Rental Facebook Instagram Name:  Ashleigh Surname: 

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Candice Lill

Road Ashleigh Moolman- Pasio Ashleigh is a professional Road Cyclist and two-time Olympian. Rocacorba Cycling | Accommodation and Bike Rental Facebook Instagram Name:  Ashleigh Surname: 

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