2016 KZN Autumn Mens Pro Challenge



21 August 2016

Date: Sunday 21 August 2016
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Location: TBA
Entries open: TBA

Contact persons: TBA


The KZN Autumn Men’s Pro Challenge will be a UCI 1.2 race for men and will be staged either in Pietermaritzburg or in Durban dependent on how circumstances unfold – the route will be announced by the end of March 2016. The event is open to all riders with an elite racing license only.

Who can take part

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Event schedule

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Traffic Management

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Routes – distances, profiles and maps

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Start lists




2015 KZN Autumn Series

Freedom Day Classic Summary

Elite Men

1.Reynard BUTLER (Team Abantu) 4:02:56.381
2.HB KRUGER (Team Abantu) 4:03:10.401
3.Nicholas DLAMINI (MTN Qhubeka F/Team) 4:03:13.767
4.Stefan DE BOD (MTN Qhubeka F/Team) 4:03:18.495
5.David MAREE (Team Abantu) 4:03:18.627
6.Gustav BASSON (MTN Qhubeka F/Team) 4:03:32.466
7.Ryan GIBBONS (Team EuropcarSA) 4:03:33.196
8.Shaun-Nick BESTER (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:03:33.635
9.Morne VAN NIEKERK (Team Abantu) 4:03:33.724
10.Nolan HOFFMAN (Team Abantu) 4:03:34.153
11.Darren LILL (Team 1) 4:03:34.536
12.James FOURIE (Team EuropcarSA) 4:03:35.064
13.Tyler DAY (Westvaal Pro Cycling) 4:03:37.795
14.Meron Teshome HAGOS (MTN-Qhubeka F/Team) 4:03:57.471
15.Herman FOUCHE (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:03:58.098
16.Metkel Eyob TEWELDEBERHAN (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:04:00.197
17.Tesfom OKUBAMARIAM (MTN Qhubeka F/Team) 4:06:16.120
18.Peter-lee JEFFERIES (African Inv. team Congo) 4:08:42.619
19.Dennis VAN NIEKERK (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:10:20.211
20.JC Nel (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:20:34.704

Elite Women

1.Cherise STANDER (CSA Womens Dev) 3:23:19.131
2.An-Li KACHELHOFFER (Active) 3:26:11.310
3.Lise OLIVIER (Time Freight eTeam) 3:26:12.604
4.Lynette BURGER (Active) 3:29:02.635
5.Maroesjka MATTHEE (Best Med) 3:32:02.714
6.Charlene DU PREEZ (CSA Womens Inv.) 3:32:03.070
7.Catherine COLYN (CSA Womens Dev) 3:32:03.631
8.Heidi DALTON (Active) 3:32:04.017
9.Zanele TSHOKO (CSA Womens Dev) 3:32:04.383
10.Candice NEETHLING (CSA Womens Dev) 3:32:04.416
11.Bianca HAW (Time Freight eTeam) 3:32:05.299
12.Michelle BENSON (Best Med) 3:32:05.398
13.Juanita VENTER (Time Freight eTeam) 3:32:05.772
14.Frankie DU TOIT (Time Freight eTeam) 3:32:06.162
15.Jeannie BOMFORD (Active) 3:32:06.261
16.Rozalia KUBYANA (Time Freight eTeam) 3:38:52.987
17.Brittany PETERSON (Best Med) 4:16:26.557

Maritzburg Margate Mayday Classic Summary

Elite Men

1.HB KRUGER (Team Abantu) 4:47:07
1.Nicholas DLAMINI (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:47:07
3.Metkel Eyob TEWELDEBERHAN (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:47:11
4.Ryan GIBBONS (Team EuropcarSA) 4:48:32
5.Herman FOUCHE (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:48:33
6.Tesfom OKUBAMARIAM (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:48:33
7.Kevin PATTEN (Westvaal Pro Cycling) 4:48:34
8.Nolan HOFFMAN (Team Abantu) 4:48:34
9.Jozua LE ROUX (Lights by Linea) 4:48:35
10.Dennis VAN NIEKERK (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:50:23
11.Clint HENDRIKS (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:50:25
12.Luthando KAKA (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:50:31
13.Kent MAIN (Team EuropcarSA) 4:50:36
14.Tyler DAY (Westvaal Pro Cycling) 4:52:33
15.Myles VAN MUSSCHENBROEK (Team Abantu) 4:54:47
16.Dusty DAY (Westvaal Pro Cycling) 4:55:25
17.Bradley POTGIETER (Team EuropcarSA) 4:55:26
18.Shaun- Nick BESTER (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:55:26
19.Nxenga THULASIZWE (Rand Water) 4:55:27
20.James FOURIE (Team EuropcarSA) 4:55:29

Hibiscus Coast Cycle Challenge Summary

Elite Men

1.Metkel Eyob TEWELDEBERHAN (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:00:03
2.HB KRUGER (Team Abantu) 4:47:07
3.Meron Teshome HAGOS (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:00:23
4.Ryan GIBBONS (Team EuropcarSA) 4:00:23
5.Gustav BASSON (CSA Invitational) 4:00:24
6.Clint HENDRIKS (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:00:24
7.Shaun-Nick BESTER (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:00:24
8.Stefan IHLENFELD (Lights by Linea) 4:00:24
9.Kevin PATTEN (Westvaal Pro Cycling) 4:00:24
10.James FOURIE (Team EuropcarSA) 4:00:25
11.Stefan DE BOD (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:00:25
12.Nicholas DLAMINI (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:00:26
13.Tesfom OKUBAMARIAM (MTN Qhubeka Feeder Team) 4:00:27
14.Waylon WOOLCOCK (CSA Federation) 4:00:35
15.Luthando KAKA (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:00:49
16.Reynard BUTLER (Team Abantu) 4:01:49
17.Paul VAN ZWEEL (Bonitas Pro Cycling) 4:02:47
18.Dennis VAN NIEKERK (Westvaal Pro Cycling) 4:02:59
19.James TENNENT (Lights by Linea) 4:03:00
20.Jozua LE ROUX (Lights by Linea) 4:03:00

Elite Women

1.Cherise STANDER (CSA Womens Development) 3:15:48
2.Lise OLIVIER (Time Freight eTeam) 3:15:49
3.An-Li KACHELHOFFER (Active) 3:15:50
4.Heidi DALTON (Active) 3:18:18
5.Lynette BURGER (Active) 3:18:18
6.Charlene DU PREEZ (CSA Womens Development) 3:22:06
7.Candice NEETHLING (CSA Womens Development) 3:27:20
8.Michelle BENSON (Best Med) 3:32:18
9.Maroesjka MATTHEE (Best Med) 3:40:26
10.Ronet HUMAN (Best Med) 3:40:42


Ryan Gibbons

ROAD RYAN GIBBONS Elite Men’s National Team Member.  Facebook Instagram Name:  Ryan  Surname:  Gibbons D.O.B 1994/08/13 Current Team/Sponsor: Lidl Trek Place of birth: Johannesburg, GP

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Miyanda Maseti

BMX MIYANDA MASETI Elite BMX National Team Member. Instagram Name:  Miyanda Surname:  Maseti D.O.B 2005/07/26 Current Team/Sponsor: Leatt & Pho3nix Place of birth: Ugie, EC

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Alan Hatherly

MOUNTAIN BIKE ALAN HATHERLY Elite Men’s Mountain Bike National Team Member, Rio 2026, Toykyo 2020 Olympian Facebook Instagram Name:  Alan Surname:  Hatherly D.O.B 1996/03/15 Current

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