Call for nominations – Cycling South Africa Coaching Commission Chair

Cycling South Africa is seeking nominees who would be valuable candidates to the Management Committee of Cycling South Africa for the position of Coaching Commission Chair.

Please note that this is a voluntary position.

Following the submission of the nomination forms the following requirements and procedures will be instituted with the nominees:

1.     Candidates will be requested to submit a capability statement and Curriculum Vitae demonstrating insights and competency regarding the following:

a.     General knowledge of their area of nomination;

b.     Their experience within their area of nomination;

c.     Knowledge of the pertinent UCI rules and regulations.

2.     The merits of all applicants will be adjudicated by a panel comprising of three individuals with the necessary knowledge and experience within the area of nomination.

3.     A recommendation regarding the most suitable candidate will be made to the Cycling South Africa Executive Committee based on the outcome of point 2 above.

4.     Official approval of the recommended candidate to take place at the Exco meeting in October 2016.

Complete the nomination form and submit to before 31 August 2016.




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