2015 African Conti Road Champs




9-14 February 2015

Date: Monday 9 to Saturday 14 February 2015
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Location: Wartburg
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2015 African Continental Champs – Technical Guide (9.2MB)

Although the official host city for the event is Pietermaritzburg, the actual competition venue will be centred in Wartburg, one of the smaller towns that surround the city and located in an agricultural area dominated by sugar cane farms and timber plantations. Wartburg is 32km from the Pietermaritzburg city centre.

Road Closures

The time trials (Monday to Wednesday) will use a triangular 24km course between Wartburg, the Noodsberg Country Club, the Harburg road turn off and Bruyns Hill.

The road races (Thursday to Saturday) uses a 42 km lap from Wartburg to the Noodsberg Country Club, Harburg and Bruyns Hill, and in certain cases a lap on the time trial route.

On each day the racing will take place from 9:30am and be completed by 12:30pm, expect for the elite men’s road race on Saturday 14 February which is expected to end at 2:30pm

Event schedule

The full and official event schedule for the road competitions as signed off by the UCI is as follows:

Routes – distances, route profiles and route maps

The organisers, in conjunction with the UCI technical delegate have finalised the event routes with the distances of each competition and for each category being as follows:

Team Time Trial (lap of 24km)

  • Elite Men and Men U23 (48 km – 2 laps)
  • Elite Women (48 km – 2 laps)
  • Junior Men (24 km – 1 lap)
  • Junior Women (24 km – 1 lap)


  • Altitude range 179 metre (Altitude from 880 metre to 1,059 metre)
  • Total climb 618 metre
  • Total descent 618 metre


  • Altitude range 181 metre (Altitude from 907 metre to 1,088 metre)
  • Total climb 287 metre
  • Total descent 282 metre

Individual Time Trial (lap of 24km)

  • Elite Men and Men U23 (48 km – 2 laps)
  • Elite Women (24 km – 1 lap)
  • Junior Men (24 km – 1 lap)
  • Junior Women (24 km – 1 lap)

(same routes as TTT for Elites and Juniors)

Individual Road Race (laps of 24km & 42km)

  • Elite Men and Men U23 (161km – 4 laps)
  • Elite Women (104 km – 3 laps)
  • Junior Men (65 km – 2 laps)
  • Junior Women (42 km – 1 lap)


  • Altitude range 195 metre (Altitude from 879 metre to 1,073 metre)
  • Total climb 1,875 metre
  • Total descent 1,883 metre


  • Altitude range 210 metre (Altitude from 879 metre to 1,088 metre)
  • Total climb 1,207 metre
  • Total descent 1,216 metre


  • Altitude range 195 metre (Altitude from 864 metre to 1,059 metre)
  • Total climb 838 metre
  • Total descent 838 metre


  • Altitude range 195 metre (Altitude from 879 metre to 1,073 metre)
  • Total climb 476 metre
  • Total descent 485 metre

Accommodation options

In terms of the 2015 African Championships for Track and Road in Pietermaritzburg, please read the document, which is a breakdown of the accommodation venues in and around Pietermaritzburg as well as close to Wartburg that will be able to accommodate riders and team members coming to compete. Please be advised that all federations need to make contact with the various accommodation venues directly from now on in order to confirm their needs and to determine availability – this is no longer a function that will be carried out by the LOC.

Car hire options

As far as transport to Pietermaritzburg as well as transport in and around the city and region is concerned, it is confirmed that as per the regulations laid down by the technical delegate, national federations will be provided with a vehicle to be able to support their riders in the races as well as for general transport in and around the city once the security deposit of $ 300.00 has been paid. However, please note that this is a sedan that will take 4 – 5 people maximum so if there are more people that need transport, additional vehicles will need to be hired.
Europcar is the official event partner and the person to contact to arrange vehicle hire is Deirdre Deetlefs and she can be contacted at Deirdre.Deetlefs@Europcar.co.za. Please note that all car hire companies require a credit card to be used when vehicles are hired so such an arrangement should be in place.




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