UCI merit award to Mr. Gotty Hansen

Former Cycling South Africa President and cycling legend Mr. Gotty Hansen was the proud recipient of the UCI merit award at the UCI congress held in Richmond, Virginia on Friday 25 September 2015.

As stated by UCI President, Brian Cookson, ”The UCI Management Committee has decided to award you the UCI Merit Award in recognition of your tremendous contribution to the development of cycling in South Africa, the CAC region and indeed around the world. The UCI is particularly grateful for your work as a Chief Commissaire, Springbok team manager and President of the South African Cycling Federation.”

Cycling South Africa President William Newman commented,  “It is a fitting reward for all the hard work done by Mr. Hansen as a passionate and loyal supporter of our sport. It was a moment of immense pride when Mr. Hansen walked on the stage to receive the award from Mr. Cookson. We are all very proud of him.”

A total of 8 merit awards were awarded, two posthumously to Mr. Peder Pedersen of Denmark and Mr. Mohammed Zeghloul of Morocco.



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