Vitality Elite Fitness Assessment

The Vitality Elite Fitness Assessment, done at accredited high-performance centres and universities, is a fitness assessment for athletes who regularly take part in sporting activities.

This assessment – which includes body measurements, evaluation of mobility and stability, and either a cycling or a running maximal performance test – measures your body’s current peak capacity. Biokineticists and sports scientists can use the results you receive from your assessment to help improve your training and performance. 

About the assessment

The Vitality Elite Fitness Assessment with a biokineticist or sports scientist takes about 90 minutes to complete. It costs R1 500 and it includes the following:

  • Anthropometric measurements, including your body mass, stature, body mass index, body fat percentage and skin folds;
  • An evaluation of mobility and stability (EMS). Seven movements to grade your overall functional movement ability, flexibility and stability;
  • A cycling- or running-specific peak performance test (measuring your maximal oxygen uptake or VO2max).

After reviewing your test results, the biokineticist or sports scientist will email you a comprehensive report. The report will show your individual results and you’ll get training guidelines to improve your mobility and stability. It will also help you perform at your best in your chosen sport.

Is this assessment for me?

To do this assessment at an accredited high-performance centre or university, you need to qualify.

  • You have to be between 18 and 59 years old. There is an age limit because of general age-related health risks;
  • You must have completed one of the selected cycling or running events within the qualifying times listed above in the last year;
  • You must have passed the pre-participation screening and given your consent.

Make an appointment

When you call to make an appointment, you will be taken through the pre-participation screening. You will also need to know your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you do not know this reading you can go for a Vitality Health Check at any accredited pharmacy in the Vitality Wellness Network.

You can contact the universities or high-performance centres directly to book your appointment. View the full Vitality Elite Fitness Assessment document here for more information on how and where to book, what you need to take with you, earning of Vitality Points and important points to remember.



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