Cycling SA response to Cape Argus article dated 19 February 2015

“Cycle Tour faces ban on top riders” – Thursday February 19, 2015

Your front page article refers.

We, as Cycling SA are concerned that none of the facts and figures quoted in your article were indeed verified with anyone at Cycling SA. First and foremost, we understand the economic and tourism value an event like the City of Cape Town Cycle Tour brings, not only to the Western Cape, but to South Africa. We wholeheartedly support any event of this nature.

During 2014, Pedal Power Association took Cycling SA to court to prove that they need not sanction their event with Cycling SA. Pedal Power Association where successful in their application and Cycling SA accepted the judgement handed down and respects the decision of events to exercise their right not to sanction through Cycling SA.

The process of sanctioning with Cycling South Africa is a pretty simple process. Yes, there is a nominal fee of R6.00 per rider associated to this. The Pedal Power Association, furthermore, state that they are liable for R35 per rider day license fee over all 35,000 entrants. This is not correct. We fail to understand why they continually make this statement, as it is not Pedal Power Association that is liable for this amount. Cycling SA has 26,000 members. Once a cyclist is a member of Cycling SA, they are not subject to purchasing a day license for any sanctioned event in South Africa. The day licenses are there for the individual rider who may only participate in one event per annum. It is notable that there are further benefits to being a Cycling SA member, for instance each member receives R20,000 medical cover as a benefit of their membership; as well as free claim administration of the Road Accident Fund should they be involved in an accident with a vehicle.

During 2014, the UCI, the international governing body of cycling, suspended the “forbidden race” rule indefinitely. Cycling SA accepted this, and subsequently did not challenge any organisation hosting an event within South Africa or licensed rider that took part therein. On 10 February 2015, we received notification from the UCI that the rule had been revised and re-instated. We notified our professional teams and the Pedal power Association of this fact. We also published the new rule to try and ensure that any foreign athletes in South Africa where aware of the ruling. Many may assume that an event like the City of Cape Town Cycle Tour is indeed on our national calendar and therefore sanctioned. We, as Cycling SA, are obliged to inform riders of the immediate reintroduction of this rule. We have written to the UCI seeking clarity of the rule.

We regret that your newspaper did not verify some of the facts contained in your article, which has depicted Cycling SA as an uncompromising federation. Once again, Cycling SA has tried to present a workable solution to Pedal Power Association, without success.

Mike Bradley

General Manager: Cycling SA



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