Cycling SA launches new online community platform

Cycling South Africa is proud to launch their brand new online community platform for their membership database.

The online platform has been created as an effective online tool for members to sort cycling news according to their preference. For example, members who have a keen interest in Track cycling, and who live in the Western Cape, can now filter their news according to the “Track” and “Western Cape” streams.

Wanting to find out how the “Bonitas Pro Cycling” team is doing? Follow their news “stream” for all related news. And with a click of a button, who can switch to news pertaining to the “KwaZulu-Natal” province only, or to “Road” cycling.

Those who suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) can read the “News” stream to read all the posts that have been uploaded on the online community platform.

There has already been keen interest surrounding the Mygeni online community platform, prior to its launch, says Cycling SA’s General Manager Mike Bradley: “Effective communication to our members about all aspects of the sport of cycling is vital, the community webpage offers us the opportunity to improve the quality and quantity of the information but without bombarding the member’s inbox’s with daily emails. This community website also empowers the member to link up with friends and peers, post their own experiences and see what is happening around the country.”

It is easy to register. Click this web link, or enter this URL for direct access to the Cycling SA Community website:

Or, you can click the button on the top left of the home page of the Cycling SA website ( to be directed to the online community website.

Once you’ve reached the landing page, enter your CSA ID (membership number) and explore the streams that are available on the Cycling SA community page. In order to post relevant cycling comment on the online community platform, create your profile and you’re on your way. Members will be able to post comment in the “Forum” stream.



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